Help make Dataspectra better

Dataspectra is open source, and we encourage you to help make it better. You don’t need to know how to code to help.

Contact info for contributions:


Twitter: @dataspectra

Ways to contribute without coding

  • Send critiques for any section
  • Improve the documentation
  • Design more themes
  • Improve or create more instructional videos

Ways to contribute by coding

  • Organize and refactor code
  • Add test functions
  • Clean and document the code
  • Code themes for layouts
  • Create figure types
  • Create a web interface for setting up input files
  • Create more flexibility in the plotting
  • Create more examples

Coding information

The code for Dataspectra is split into three parts.

The first part handles the python package. - Python 2.7

The second part handles the Google App Engine functions. - Webapp2 - Jinja2

The third part handles the web rendering. - HTML - CSS - Javascript - Bootstrap3 - D3.js - plotly.js